Are pop ups worth it

Are pop ups worth it

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Being a ping pong to attend pop-up shops has its advantages. When starting a business, there is a need for exposure. Participating in pop-up shops to gain experience, consumer trust, and growth as a business owner is a must.

There is still a need to connect in person and receive smiles compared to ❤️ & 👍🏾 emojis online.  Customer trust comes in a variety of ways whether online or in person, the key is to be consistent.  Yes, you can certainly get more exposure online, but talking to people at your pop-up shop is more memorable compared to scrolling. I can remember conversations and describe a person based on the conversation compared to remembering a name.  The same occurs when browsing the internet, how memorable will a page be unless you see the ad several times and/or receive an email regarding your online cart.

Pop-up shops teach you about your target consumer.  In talking to people, you need to listen to their inquiries and see how that applies to your business. Not all are going to be applicable, but just like accumulating data, some of the findings are relevant, and others are not. You also must think about how you are marketing yourself.  Do consumers know what you’re providing? Is your pop-up shop display clear and approachable? Do you have a website that consumers can further browse after your face-to-face interaction?    

Order fulfillment at a pop-up shop is immediate.  There’s no need to prepare items for shipment, and in a world that now expects their packages to be delivered at lightning speed, doesn’t a pop-up shop give you instant gratification?  If you think about it, it’s a win for both the business owner and the consumer.  When accepting payment at a pop-up shop, make sure to have different payment options available, and keep in mind the community you’re serving. People still like to use cash, and to my surprise, ask for a business card too.  Business cards are another ripple for future sales and brand recognition.

How much do Pop-up shops cost?

  • If you’re renting a space by yourself, the fee varies by location, but the starting price is a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Also consider if the space for rent has a minimum of 2 days, a week, etc.
  • If you’re a vendor at a pop-up event, then the fee is more affordable and for a shorter time. Working with an event organizer has several benefits, which are detailed in the contract.  Something as simple as being provided tables is huge because what you’re left to worry about is displaying your products.  As a business owner, researching and coordinating a space is very time consuming making this option valuable with time and money.
  • Indoor vs Outdoor Pop-up shops


  • Will you be in a shaded area?
  • Do you have to bring a tent/umbrella or will it be provided?
  • What is the agreement if there’s inclement weather?


  • How will consumers find your pop-up shop?
  • Does the location get foot traffic?
  • Is there proper heating, cooling & ventilation?

  • Given all the information above, YES pop-up shops are worth it!  Make sure you do your research to meet your goals.  We’re happy to have participated in pop-up shops and have a newfound respect for vendors as well as event coordinators.

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