Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

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Small business Saturday falls on the Saturday right after Black Friday, which revolves around Thanksgiving here in the US. This year the date is November 26, 2022.

Small business Saturday is dedicated to small businesses.  The funny thing is that small businesses require a large amount of work, and due to funding and other lack of resources, the small business owner ends up doing the majority, if not all, the work for their service or product to be seen.

We all know that anything handmade or personally designed takes more time, and if your talent is in creating, many entrepreneurs get discouraged at the thought of the business aspect to get their talents in front of more people.  Thanks to social media, small businesses get free marketing.  How you market yourself takes time and often, does not reflect what it takes to put everything together. Does that make sense? You are so talented, but because you’re a small business, thus limited, sustainability is very difficult.

Key to marketing

Buyer psychology is the key to marketing. Once you understand your target audience and plan the time to show your service and products, then you will have a higher return of investment. Specifically, the investment of your time, education, apparatus to make your content look better and the list goes on.

We find that more and more people appreciate honesty and transparency.  When you dedicate time to explaining your story and showing your worth, you motivate people to make a conscious decision to shop during small business Saturday and the rest of the year.  In seeing your process, buyers value your time and respect your determination and hustle.

Are there success stories from going viral on social media, of course! However, depending on the service or product you provide, many cannot fulfill the demands of an instant sensation. Will you get many purchases? Yes, will you be able to sustain the demand, and be more than a one hit wonder?  Only time will tell.

What do Small Businesses provide

Small businesses can provide a feeling of nostalgia like we do here at Aura Heights™️. For us, it is very important for people to feel pride having items that represent and uplift them.

Years ago, the ability for a small business to mass produce was not available because things weren’t as accessible.  For example, we’re now able to communicate internationally with suppliers through different platforms without having to order in bulk, which is what deters most people.  Starting a small business can be overwhelming, but having determination, perseverance, and knowing when to pivot is vital.

Things to consider when shopping “small”

  • Longer time to produce
  • Longer shipping time
  • Paying for shipping
  • Longer wait to communicate after an inquiry
  • Personalization has a higher cost
  • Quick turnaround has an added cost
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